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"We had a very positive experience working with Willamette Valley Homes building our home. We knew we were working with professionals all along the process. We were kept informed and great advise was always there if needed . We learnt during the process that all the subcontractors had a long working relationship with WVH and it became clear they all cared to deliver outstanding workmanship. Since completion the follow up has been excellent. We have received both calls and visits in order to make sure we were pleased and everything as we had expected and hoped for ." The Richter family
Stefan Richter , Aurora oregon

Working with Willamette Valley Homes was a positive experience every step of the way. From the beginning, they completely understood the character of the bungalow home we wanted to build...and, they were able to give us a detailed quote - so we knew exactly what was budgeted for going in. Having an interior decorator built into the plan (to help with choices for flooring, paint colors, countertops, etc.) was also enormously helpful. We appreciated the great communication with WVH throughout the process, and loved seeing our perfect house come together before our eyes. If we ever have the need to build again, we would certainly hire Willamette Valley Homes again without hesitation.
Cathie jo

When my wife and I set out to build our dream home, we had heard every horror story imaginable. It was an undertaking that neither of us had done before and we really didn't know where to begin. To add to the challenge of building a home, we were going to do it during the pregnancy and the birth of our youngest daughter. Our friends and family were taking odds whether we would survive. Fortunatly for us we had watched a custom home be built in our old neighborhood and were impressed with the craftsmanship and overall quality of the home upon its completion. We asked the home's owners who their builder was and they introduced us to Willamette Valley Homes. We had previously made three attempts at having a home built on the property we purchased in 2004, and all three attempts had failed, usually due to the builders not being able to give us hard numbers of exactly what it would cost. We heard over and over, "well there are a lot of variables involved" when we would try to nail down what the cost would be and whether we could afford it. We scheduled an appointment with Willamette Valley Homes and showed Roger the building plans and described the look that we were going for in building a craftsman-style home that we wanted to look like it had been built in the 1940's. During that first meeting it was evident that Roger understood our vision and was just as excited as we were about this project. Within a few days we received a detailed printout of exactly what the build would entail and the costs that we could budget for and arrange our construction loan around. Willamette Valley Homes' experience at building custom homes was evident in how detailed the cost estimate was. And, upon completion of our home, the final cost was exactly what had been estimated. Willamette Valley Homes provided us with an interior decorator who helped match floor coverings and paint colors as well as countertops, etc. All of their subcontractors exhibited true craftsmanship from the perfect masonry work on the front porch pillar bases and woodstove hearth to the hundreds of hours invested in all of the wood trim work throughout the house. Everybody that worked on our home invested a portion of themselves and it is evident in the finished product. I felt like everyone bought in to what we were trying to capture, and therefore went the extra mile to really show off each of their crafts. Over seeing all of these craftsmen and organizing the multitude of deliveries and the scheduling of each contractor, Roger and his partner Jerry (since retired) never seemed phased and gave us the confidence that everything was under control. They handled everything including the permitting and were in constant communications with us. At one point the county advised that we would need an outside entrance to the guest room above the garage, even after the framing and siding had been completed. "That's not a problem" was Roger's response. A really neat outside entry was added that actually enhanced the guest room when it was all said and done. There was never a situation during the build where I heard Roger or Jerry say, "that can't be done." Despite the oddsmakers, we in fact survived. When the home was done and we moved our expanded family in, we agreed that it had been a really great experience. It truly is our dream home and we have been appreciative for it, as well as Willamette Valley Homes and all their great contractors. For me, the best part is the fact that it was such a positive experience that is the core of our dream home. The outstanding working relationship we experienced with Willamette Valley Homes set a positive tone that is associated with our home and provided the foundation that a great deal of our family's memories will revolve around.

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