About Us

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In 1977, Roger Nelson and Jerry Wand, set out to build a reputation in the Willamette Valley as the premier custom home builder. Struggling through two recessionary periods in the economy, WVH focused on building quality and never over extending via quantity. Their experience in real-estate and sub-contracting trades put them at the forefront of building homes from start to finish. Once the word was out that WVH was building a truly remarkable product, home buyers would request the services of building their own dream home. At times, speculative homes were built as model homes, but prior to finish, it always seemed that someone would come along and fall in love with the floor plan, the finishing touches, and the pure quality of a home that they were soon proud to own. With that said, Willamette Valley Homes has 33 years of experience producing a very desirable home. Whether it is assisting you in locating land, picking or modifying plans, orchestrating the construction process, or just setting realistic budgetary numbers, WVH is here to help. We encourage the home owner to partake every step of the way and by doing so can appreciate their home that much more!